Delicious Recipes With Mung Beans and Herbs

Delicious Recipes With Mung Beans and Herbs Jenny Blom

  • Ebook: ISBN- 9789493359048

    In ancient 2500-year-old Ayurvedic scriptures, it is told that to heal your body; detoxing is the most important thing to do. When you eat the ingredients and recipes mentioned in this book, you will start feeling more energetic and happier, and many ailments will disappear miraculously.

    All the recipes in this book are mouthwatering and delicious!

    Staying healthy with detoxing is good, but ensuring your food is tasty and good-looking is essential for people who love eating. These recipes teach you how and when to eat healthy and tasty while detoxing your body and mind. Based on the Indian Ayurvedic recipes and adjusted slightly to make them even better in taste.


    “Create strong digestion and improve your immunity, using ancient Siddha-Veda principles to change your life forever….”

    As told to Dr. Naram in Nepal by his master Baba Ramdasji, at the age of 124.

  • Blom Publishing
  • 104 pages

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