Animal Symbolism, and Oracle Messages

Animal Symbolism, and Oracle Messages Jennie Smallenbroek

  • Welcome to the fascinating world of the Oracle, where animal symbolism comes to life and messages of wisdom and guidance are revealed. In “Animals Symbolism and Oracle Messages”, artist and author Jennie Smallenbroek takes you on an enchanting journey full of mysticism and insight.

    Using her brush as a magic wand, Jennie has brought the animal companions of the universe to life. Her beautiful paintings capture the beauty and power of each animal and carry profound symbolism. Through her intuitive connection with the spiritual world, Jennie has unravelled the messages of the animal guides and translated them into this impressive oracle.

    In this book, discover the meaning and symbolism behind more than fifty animal guides, each with unique messages. From majestic eagles encouraging us to elevate our vision to the mysterious wolf inviting us to follow our instincts, these cards provide profound guidance on our life path.

    Be inspired by the profound wisdom hidden in these cards. They will guide you in times of doubt, comfort you in moments of sadness, and encourage you to embrace your true potential. The oracle's messages bring clarity, empowerment and a more in-depth understanding of yourself and the world around you.

    Paperback ISBN: 9789493359222

    E-book ISBN: 9789493359215

    Druk 1 januari 2024

    Aantal pagina’s: 236

  • Blom Publishing
  • 22 January 2024
  • 236 pages

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