The Great Resist

The Great Resist JC Blom

  • E-book ISBN: 9789493359130  

    John, a prosperous multimillionaire, is suddenly accused of the devastating drug trade that has claimed countless innocent lives.

    In an attempt to confront his inner demons, he drowns his sorrows in an ocean of alcohol and plunges into a downward spiral of self-destruction. But in the midst of this chaos, a mysterious woman from India unexpectedly enters his life, replacing his faithful housekeeper. What John does not know is that she is in possession of secrets that can change the course of events.

    Bolstered by new allies, including a clandestine network of whistleblowers, and determined lawyers, John embarks on a dangerous quest for justice. Together, they unravel an ingenious web of deceit and manipulation that brings them ever closer to the mastermind behind the sinister conspiracy that has destroyed John's world.

    But as the battle intensifies, John realises that the forces working against him are far more terrifying than he could ever have imagined. Nevertheless, he continues to fight, driven by an unshakeable determination, determined to confront the evil that threatens to destroy humanity.

    "The Great Resist" is a riveting rollercoaster ride full of suspense, unexpected twists and turns and an unmerciful race against time. This masterful thriller will grip you until the last page and make you wonder how far you would go to let justice prevail."

  • Blom Publishing
  • 309 pages

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